Ice T: Final Level (Music)

In this episode Ice T and Mick Benzo are joined by rapper, music producer, author and legend Scarface. They discuss the when and why Scarface got the hip hop bug, the movie Straight Outta Compton, Dr. Dre's legacy, capital punishment, solutions to police brutality, Scarface's soon to be released album, Deeply Rooted and the Houston MC drops a freestyle.


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In this episode Ice T and Mick Benzo are joined by Alex "Super AJ" Jordanov. They discuss Madonna, the earthquake in Nepal, Formula 1, Scandal, Better Call Saul, American Sniper, Alex tells his story about buying nuclear weapons, how he helped Ice get his start, the Art of Rap Festival, and Ice's new TV show 'Ice & Coco'.


This episode features The Coldest Rap by Ice T.

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In this episode Ice T and Mick Benzo are joined by Raekwon from the Wu-Tang Clan. They discuss Coachella, Bruce Jenner, the NBA playoffs, Silicon Valley, Raekwon's new record 'F.I.L.A', the story of the Wu-Tang Clan, his verse in C.R.E.A.M., the Art of Rap tour, and the cost of fame.

This episode features C.R.E.A.M by Wu-Tang Clan,; 1,2,12 by Raekwon featuring Snoop Dogg; I Got Money by Raekwon featuring A$AP Rocky, The Heat by Twista featuring Raekwon.

The Art of Rap is on Sale now:

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In this episode Ice T and Mick Benzo are joined by Grandmaster Caz. They discuss about getting older, Empire, how Ice is the longest running black cop on TV, The Loft, NBA 2K15, Hip Hop sightseeing tours, Grandmaster Caz's Hush Tourshis book, and Rapper's Delight.


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In this episode Ice T and Mick Benzo are joined by Busta Rhymes. They discuss the optical illusion dress, the passing of Leonard Nimoy, Fifty Shades of Grey, Ice T's latest appearance on the Tonight Show, Leaders of the New School, Q-Tip, million dollar music videos, people's obsession with pictures, and Tech N9ne.


This episode features No Type Remix featuring TrillianWall to Wall by Raekwon featuring Busta RhymesScenario by A Tribe Called Quest featuring Busta RhymesCoCo by O.T. GenasisAnte Up remix by M.O.P. featuring Busta Rhymes.


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In this episode Ice T and Mick Benzo are joined by Glen E. Friedman! They talk about criminals using Instagram, No No: a Dockumentary on Dock Ellis, Deflategate, the Superbowl, Planet of the Apes, the Gambler, Selma, Racism, Body Count's new music video for Institutionalized,  the Suicidal Tendencies, Veganism, the Micktionary, the story of Glen Friedman, and his new book 'My Rules'.

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In this episode Ice T and Mick Benzo are joined by Roxanne Shante! They talk about Roxanne's battle with Busy Bee, the Interview, Love & Hip-Hop, Knicks, Kobe, how she got Roxanne’s Revenge on the radio when she was 14, her fights with Breast Cancer, Celebrity Net Worth websites, Borderlands, receiving demo tapes from aspiring artists, and Rocwell (the Official ice T impersonator of the Final Level podcast) checks in.


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In this episode Ice T and Mick Benzo are joined by Busy Bee

They discuss Ice’s first encounter with Busy, the Green Bay Packers, Top Five, Lil Bow Wow as a hacker, Roxanne Shante, Busy Bee’s battle with Kool Moe Doe, how Busy Bee got cut out of the Art of Rap, and Behind the Ropes.


Email Busy at


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In this episode Ice T and Mick Benzo are joined by Kool Keith. They discuss future news, future sports, Walt Frazier, Leatherface, the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Kool Keith's take on Modern porn, Kool Keith's affinity for Dating Naked, Ebola, the Ultra Magnetics, the Analog Brothers, Keith's story of missing a show over a coat, how average is not good enough, Dr. Octagon, and the best photophraphers.


This episode features Haterproof by Kool Keith featuring Ice T.

This episode also features Dinosaur by Kool Keith.


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In this episode Ice T and Mick Benzo are joined by Prodigy as well as Havoc from Mobb Deep. They discuss police brutality, a solution for fixing up New York Sports, Ice lays out Bill Cosby, Interstellar, cold weather, Mobb Deep, producing their own records, Prodigy's Autobiography 'My Infamous Life', and their raw sound.


This episode features The Infamous and Taking You Off Here by Mobb Deep.


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In this episode Ice T and Mick Benzo are joined by Treach from Naughty by Nature. They discuss Obama's Immigration Executive Order,  Treach's season on VH1's Couple's Therapy, Big Hero 6, new car problems, Treach's new music, and enduring disappointment in the entertainment industry. 


This episode features Get Low by Treach featuring Redman and Prince AK.

This episode also features Ego by RL featuring Treach and Jaheim.


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In this episode Ice T and Mick Benzo are joined by Jamey Jasta from Hatebreed. They discuss A Serbian Film, Tusk, Town of the Living Dead, Hatebreed’s humble beginnings, Type O Negative, backing tracks in the current rock landscape, hardcore music's reluctance to make money, traffic cameras, not blindly following your fans' wishes, The Jasta Show and Pop Bubble.


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In this episode Ice is joined by Combat Jack and R.A Salvatore (Author of the Dungeons & Dragons book author). Mo'ne Davis, 50 Cent's Power, Robin Williams, Black Jesus, Thugnificent from the Boondacks based on Ice, Combat Jack, the relevancy of Chuck D, the Art of Rap Festival, killing Chewbacca, Seth Rose's new Art of Wrap Business, and Ice's Dungeons & Dragons Outtakes.


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In this episode Ice and Mick are joined by Munky (Guitarist from Korn), Jonathan Davis (Singer from Korn), John Reese (Founder of the Rockstar Mayhem Festival), and Danny Worsnop (Singer for Asking Alexandria and We Are Harlot). They discuss Lebron James returning to Cleveland, the New York Knicks, police brutality, badge cameras, bad TV shows, Lone Survivor, the Rockstar Mayhem Festival's Metal of Honor Foundation,  Jonathan Davis' love for the Lego Batman video game, a story about why you should never work for Danny Worsnop, the Korn origin story, the Asking Alexandria origin story, Jonathan Davis' first rap show, and Ice's distaste for chicken on tour.


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In this episode Ice and Mick are joined by Ill Niño and Upon a Burning Body. The guys discuss Lebron's return to Cleveland, Carmelo Anthony's decision to stay with the Knicks, the World Cup, the shot down Malaysian Airlines plane, Ice’s return to Law & Order, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, the story of Upon a Burning Body, Danny Neal’s kidnapping prank, the story of Ill Niño, drawing inspiration from many genres of music, becoming productive as soon as you realize no one wants to hear your sob story, and Ice’s distaste for cell phone batteries.

Episode 8: Body Count is in the Building

In this episode Ice-T and Mick Benzo are joined by their Body Count Family. They discuss the the UConn riots, violence in schools, David Letterman's departure, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Nurse Jackie, Kiss' dispute with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and Lil' Ice has some issues with his dad's review of Titanfall. They also talk about Lil Ice's clothing line: Hemp & Relax, Ice interviews Body Count, they reminisce about the history of the band, Sean E Sean shares how to prepare prison delicacies, and Ice discusses how he judges character.

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