Ice T: Final Level (Entertainment)

In this episode Ice and Mick are joined by Coco. They discuss how coco got started in modeling, the Micktionary, edge water fires, CrossFit, Christian Bale, Fifty Shades of Grey, Magic Mike, Coco's story, how Coco's family moved Albuquerque, Coco going to school with Jessica Alba, how Coco started working for Playboy, how Ice met Coco, Licious ClothingCoco's Workout Worldthe Vanity Vixens, and people who correct spelling on the internet.

This episode features Shoe Freak by Coco.

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In this episode Ice T and Mick Benzo are joined by Leland Robinson as well as Alex Aldea (The Paragon Collective). They talk about the Paragon Collective podcast network, the story of Sugar Hill Records, voting, New York football, Sugar Hill Records breaking hip hop on the radio, Call of Duty, Elder Scrolls, Masters of Sex, pet pigs, Ice's grammy, John Wick, as well as the importance of under promising and over delivering.


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In this episode Ice T and Mick Benzo take calls from listeners to discuss culture, Ray Rice, Ice's favorite color, changing people's conceptions about you, Ice's hypothetical SVU relationship, Body Count's cover of Institutionalized, and what happens when Ice doesn't show up to a wedding after being invited by a member of the FLTG.


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