Ice T: Final Level (Comedy)

In this episode Ice is joined by a very special surprise guest. They discuss Watchdogs vs Titanfall, the death of Maya Angelou, Tracy Morgan's accident, Ice's hatred of racists, taking responsibility of your career, the release of Body Count's Manslaughter, Body Count's CD Release show at the Gramercy Theater, their upcoming appearance on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Sing your Face Off, Penny Dreadful, the update on Law & Order: SVU, and the story of Mick Benzo.


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In this episode Ice-T and Mick Benzo are joined by Reggie Watts. They discuss Ice's new Boost Mobile campaign, why Mos Def can't return to tour the United States, Ice and Mick share crazy international tour stories, they discuss the Indianapolis 500, Reggie lays down a dope a cappella improvisation, Ice reviews Godzilla, Ice debuts Body Count's new rendition of 99 Problems, the crew discuss their opinions on the fad of Holograms of dead artists, Ice shares an interesting upcoming SVU plot twist, and Ice dishes out some game about being double crossed.


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In this episode Ice-T and Mick Benzo are joined by Jim Norton and Wahida Clark. They discuss Jim Norton's depraved sexual history, Jim Norton's traumatic childhood games, Jim Norton's transexual prostitute encounters, Dr. Dre's big deal with Apple, UFC vs Boxing, the missing girls in Nigeria, the Donald Sterling fiasco, Ice's motto of no pain, no money, Ice hatred of toll booths, an update on the Crimea situation, the one sexual fantasy Jim has not yet accomplished and Ice exclusives debuts the new Body Count single on the podcast, Talk Shit, Get Shot.


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This episode features: Eugene MirmanJon DalySeth RoseMaurice Cabrera and D-Stroy

In this episode Ice-T and Mick Benzo are joined by Eugene Mirman. They discuss Seth Rose's bull riding car races, the boat in North Korea, Floyd Mayweather, Eugene Mirman's immigration, Taking East New York, Captain America, Ice's love for Iron Man, Money, the future of Law & Order: SVU, why no one should use Facebook, Jon Daly explains Steam Punk, an update on Body Count, and Ice weights in on Los Angeles Clippers Owner, Donald Sterling.


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In this episode Ice-T and Mick Benzo are joined by comedy badass, Todd Barry. They discuss the real truth behind Jay-Z's sampling of Ice's 99 problems, internet trolls, cyber bullying, an update on the missing plane, Michael Vick's move to the NY Jets, Friday Night Tykes, Ice & Mick's pitch perfect karate movie voices, Lewis coming back to face Olivia Benson on a Law & Order: SVU showdown and finding happiness in the present moment.

The Trio are also joined by Jon Daly as he explains what furies and 3D printers are to Ice. Lil' Daddy Shane comes through to discuss his new documentary. Lastly, Zieme shows the crew his pipes and shares what it is like to be an independent artists.


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In this episode Ice-T and Mick Benzo are joined by NFL Legend & Super Bowl champion, Plaxico Burress. They discuss the hardest hit Plaxico has ever received on the field, their distaste for selfies, their distaste for naked men in the locker room, the missing plane, aliens, Ice's continual unwillingness to upgrade his Television, how Ice is the only sane one left on Law & Order and the inception of the newly founded Universal Hip Hop museum in the Bronx.


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In this episode Ice-T and Mick Benzo are joined by race car driver, Marco Andretti. They discuss why you need to respect race car drivers, their distaste for potholes, the Winter Olympics, stories of men coming back from the death, gay rights in Arizona, Ice's unwillingness to upgrade his Television, the death of Rhondo Robinson, the current state of Rhyme Syndicate, following your dreams, the importance of being honest in business and the toxicity of daytime television.


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In this episode Ice-T and Mick Benzo discuss Ice's follow up on his Dungeons and Dragons audiobook recording, George Zimmerman's Celebrity Boxing, Flappy Bird, the Super Bowl, Alex Rodriguez, Ice's take on Snapped (the TV Show), the difference between scripted & reality television, the side effects of TV pharmaceutical commercials, heroin, haters, Queen Latifah's bar fights and some new Body Count news.



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In this episode Ice-T and Mick Benzo discuss Ice's experience recording a new Dungeons & Dragons audiobook, their last words of advice for Justin Bieber, the Hollywood Hillbillies, the Art of Rap tour and the future of Ice Loves Coco.

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