Ice T: Final Level

This week on the Final Level podcast we re-air  Ice T and Mick Benzo, interview with KRS- One and Crazy Legs. The Teacha and Rock Steady Crew B-Boy discuss Hip-Hop as a crazy family, the art of negotiating a business deal, the Zulu Nation Anniversary and why KRS does not want to be inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame.

Music used In this Episode: Ice-T - "I Ain't New Ta This" Ice-T - "Thats How I'm Livin'

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This week we re-air Ice and Mick's interview with Coco. They discuss how Coco got started in modeling, the Micktionary, Edgewater fires, CrossFit, Christian Bale, Fifty Shades of Grey, Magic Mike, Coco's story, how Coco's family moved Albuquerque, Coco going to school with Jessica Alba, how Coco started working for Playboy, how Ice met Coco, Licious Clothing, Coco's Workout World, the Vanity Vixens, and people who correct spelling on the internet.

This episode features Shoe Freak by Coco.

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