Ice T: Final Level

In this episode Ice T and Mick Benzo are joined by Roxanne Shante! They talk about Roxanne's battle with Busy Bee, the Interview, Love & Hip-Hop, Knicks, Kobe, how she got Roxanne’s Revenge on the radio when she was 14, her fights with Breast Cancer, Celebrity Net Worth websites, Borderlands, receiving demo tapes from aspiring artists, and Rocwell (the Official ice T impersonator of the Final Level podcast) checks in.


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In this episode Ice T and Mick Benzo are joined by Busy Bee

They discuss Ice’s first encounter with Busy, the Green Bay Packers, Top Five, Lil Bow Wow as a hacker, Roxanne Shante, Busy Bee’s battle with Kool Moe Doe, how Busy Bee got cut out of the Art of Rap, and Behind the Ropes.


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