Ice T: Final Level

In this episode, Ice and Mick decide to build with their fans as well as discuss the societal tragedies we are all currently facing. They talk about Ferguson, Isis, the need for youth leadership, the murder rate in Chicago, the state of public schools, racism, interracial dating, the need for a new United States constitution, gun control, the ice bucket challenge, police in Japan, and the future of Body Count.


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In this episode Ice and Mick are joined by Munky (Guitarist from Korn), Jonathan Davis (Singer from Korn), John Reese (Founder of the Rockstar Mayhem Festival), and Danny Worsnop (Singer for Asking Alexandria and We Are Harlot). They discuss Lebron James returning to Cleveland, the New York Knicks, police brutality, badge cameras, bad TV shows, Lone Survivor, the Rockstar Mayhem Festival's Metal of Honor Foundation,  Jonathan Davis' love for the Lego Batman video game, a story about why you should never work for Danny Worsnop, the Korn origin story, the Asking Alexandria origin story, Jonathan Davis' first rap show, and Ice's distaste for chicken on tour.


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