Ice T: Final Level

In this episode Ice-T and Mick Benzo are joined by Reggie Watts. They discuss Ice's new Boost Mobile campaign, why Mos Def can't return to tour the United States, Ice and Mick share crazy international tour stories, they discuss the Indianapolis 500, Reggie lays down a dope a cappella improvisation, Ice reviews Godzilla, Ice debuts Body Count's new rendition of 99 Problems, the crew discuss their opinions on the fad of Holograms of dead artists, Ice shares an interesting upcoming SVU plot twist, and Ice dishes out some game about being double crossed.


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In this episode Ice-T and Mick Benzo are joined by Jim Norton and Wahida Clark. They discuss Jim Norton's depraved sexual history, Jim Norton's traumatic childhood games, Jim Norton's transexual prostitute encounters, Dr. Dre's big deal with Apple, UFC vs Boxing, the missing girls in Nigeria, the Donald Sterling fiasco, Ice's motto of no pain, no money, Ice hatred of toll booths, an update on the Crimea situation, the one sexual fantasy Jim has not yet accomplished and Ice exclusives debuts the new Body Count single on the podcast, Talk Shit, Get Shot.


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