Ice T: Final Level

In this episode Ice-T and Mick Benzo are joined by NFL Legend & Super Bowl champion, Plaxico Burress. They discuss the hardest hit Plaxico has ever received on the field, their distaste for selfies, their distaste for naked men in the locker room, the missing plane, aliens, Ice's continual unwillingness to upgrade his Television, how Ice is the only sane one left on Law & Order and the inception of the newly founded Universal Hip Hop museum in the Bronx.


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In this episode Ice-T and Mick Benzo are joined by race car driver, Marco Andretti. They discuss why you need to respect race car drivers, their distaste for potholes, the Winter Olympics, stories of men coming back from the death, gay rights in Arizona, Ice's unwillingness to upgrade his Television, the death of Rhondo Robinson, the current state of Rhyme Syndicate, following your dreams, the importance of being honest in business and the toxicity of daytime television.


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